Color coded chick

I LOVE wearing white tops, but I don’t do it that often; I’ll have a huge coffee/curry/ice cream stain on it in no time.. It’s a curse that I have learned to live with. I still keep tons of them as a closet staple, and perhaps lots of people do too! A good white t-shirt can be so versatile and you can mix it up with pretty much anything. Match it with a pair of red chucks and jeans to go to the movies; a comfy palazzo to go and do your groceries or a pair of tapered pants and pumps for a casual office day. Which one below is your favorite?

I've been having a blast playing around different clothing items according to colors! Unfortunately, the website I was using, only have products in the US that might or might not be here. BUT, I was able to get white tees from local clothing stores/online shops, although I had to tag them all manually..

Nonetheless, I’m sure there’s a way around it and below are just a few projects to get you all pumped! Check them out!

1. The black collection: Sexy and sophisticated

This outfit screams datenight! Effortless and definitely elegant. I love it when black garments are paired with silver or gold, it looks so classy. Black is slimming as well so I have loads of black skinny jeans! Pair the black and mysterious outfit with a nice red lipstick.

2. The red collection: Bold and beautiful

The color’s been long associated with love or passion, for a man or for a career! Men do find women in red more desirable, actually! ( Plus, don’t you feel just a tad more powerful in a good pair of pumps? I do! If too much red is not your thing, pair your outfit with a pair of gold studded earrings and floral scarf to tone it down about half a notch.

3. The yellow collection: Bubbly and lively

This bright color screams positivity and energy! Vibrant colors like yellow is not only fitting for hot summer days but is also a very uplifting color. The cute yellow espadrille wedges is my favorite bit of this outfit board and I’m already pairing it with navy blue/leopard print dresses in my head!

4. The emerald green collection: Easy like a Sunday morning

If you don’t get it yet, it’s actually from a song by Faith No More (pardon my old age) because green is so easy on the eyes! Luxurious shades of green like below is not only relaxing but also playful. Don a pair of sneakers with the satin flared skirt for a casual but playful look. I absolutely love this shade of green and completely endorse this color on everyone.

5. The blush pink collection: Feminine and flirty

This cotton candy color adds, needless to say, a feminine look while signifying tenderness and affection. The soft hue of the jewelry is subtle but saccharine sweet. Top the outfit with some floral notes from YSL, perfect for a date or coffee with friends on a late Sunday evening.


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